USG Watch

USG Journal #002

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

**DISCLAIMER: We were hoping to bring you actual video footage of the meeting, but OSL&CD ordered us to stop filming, even though USG consented by voice vote, and it is a meeting that is open to the viewing public**

Special Orders:

The new Secretary/Treasurer, Katie Peachman, of FCRH ’15 was appointed by a 16-1 vote with 3 abstaining.

The new VP of Athletics, Doug Hanley, and Election Commissioner, Luke Pontier, were appointed by a unanimous decision.

Business Matters:

The group, Banking on Vacancy, introduced by Principia Duggan FCRH ’14, was presented for USG approval. This group located vacant buildings in New York City’s five boroughs, and learned that there was enough vacant spots to house 200,000 people. A bill of support should be expected soon.

VP Brendan Francolini, GSB ’14, and Senator Muhammad Sarwar, GSB ’14, presented progress on Activating Consciousness Together (ACT), a group sponsored by USG that hopes to fight racism and bigotry on campus. Its past record has included committees on diversity training, racial sensitivity, as well as hosting a “big name speaker” over the course of the year. The first meeting will be September 12th.

Executive President Stephen Erdman, FCRH ’13, presented USG’s letter voicing approval of the Queer Task Force’s quest to liberate the word “queer” for academic and social purposes. The letter of approval was passed unanimously.

10 establishments in the Bronx have contracted to be “Fordham Friendly” places over the next year, though 20 places remain in limbo. The “Fordham Friendly” businesses will offer discounts to Fordham students when they present their ID’s at the establishment.

VP of Gabelli, John Mantia, GSB ’13, stated that the GSB incubator will be set up this July on Fordham Plaza. This will give entrepeneurial students the chance to establish a storefront for their business ideas to test how they do in the real world.


USG Journal #001

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

This was the first meeting of the newly elected United Student Government, headed by Steve Erdman and Aileen Reynolds. Therefore, the meeting started with the reminder that USG conducts itself following Robert’s Rules of Order regarding motions, voting procedure, and speaking time.

Item 1: Appointment of VP of  IT. The VP of IT appointee was Bridget Fox, who was questioned on her knowledge of computer language and background experience. She knows most Microsoft Office language sets, and has private sector technology experience. Vote was 17-0 in favor of her confirmation.

Item 2: Appointment of VP of Athletics was delayed due to appointee not being present at the meeting. It was agreed that the vetting process would be carried out via email to the candidate. Voting will take place next week.

Item 3: A proposal for the World Youth Alliance to be recognized as an official club was put forward. This club that is made up of “young people promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among developed and developing nations” that works closely with the United Nations. They have been attempting to build a Fordham chapter for two years, and was finally recognized by a 19-0 vote as a club. It will begin its inaugural year in the Fall of 2012.

Item 4: Fordham’s Queer Task Force made a plea regarding the usage of “queer” on Fordham’s campus, and their attempts to deregulate the usage of the word so it can be used for social as well as academic reasons. Their hope is to “reclaim” the word from its perjorative underpinnings for widespread usage. This is an organization hoping to bring acceptance to members of the LGBT community that don’t neatly fit into one of the groups. USG passed a motion to begin writing a letter of approval of the organization’s mission, and will be submitting the letter of appoval for a vote at the next meeting.

Item 5: The new myFordham portal was announced by Charles Sanson, the manager of myFordham. The new portal will be mobile accessible, adjusting with available screen size. Google Docs may become compatible in the near future. Blackboard 9.2 will be available starting May 25th, and any additions can be submitted by students through a new submission form. This new portal should be ready in full by next fall.

Item 6: VP of Gabelli John Mantia proposes meal swipe reform, which would include using swipes at Millenium Grille and Queen’s Deli for meals, and having price reforms for the meal plans for price equality. Currently, students using Ram 7 pay more per swipe than Ram 14 users once costs are factored in. This will hopefully be brought up the next meeting.

Item 7: USG Senator and Gazette contributor William Marcley proposes class schedule reforms to allow ROTC students to register early for classes, so they can pick classes around their duties as cadets in the Ram Batallion. Currently, varsity athletes and FUEMS have this advantage due to their out-of-class obligations, yet a proposal for ROTC students to have this benefit was defeated by USG two years ago. Concerns from USG include having to extend it to club sports athletes as well for the same reasons. A vote is expected at a future meeting, pending a meeting with the faculty in charge of class registration.


2 responses to “USG Watch

  1. Aileen Reynolds

    One important item not mentioned in this article was VP of Finance Michael DiTanna’s update on this past budget day and SLC. Budget day was extremely successful and there is over $30,000 left over which will be distributed to clubs in the fall with new appeals. A budget town hall will be held Wednesday, May 2nd at 2:30pm in Campbell Commons where the breakdown of budgets will be made pubic. Likewise, SLC voted this past Wednesday and approved the beginning stages of changing the budget system for clubs. This vote specifically concerned referendum clubs, which under these changes will no longer exist. VP of Finance will be working with Dean Rodgers and other OSLCD administrators to revise the student handbook over the summer.

    Thank you to the Gazette for helping keep the Fordham community updated on USG.

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