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For President, Mitt Romney

Today, America’s college students are left to wonder whether they will be able to find a job once they graduate, but also whether they will be the first generation of Americans to inherit a weaker nation than the one their parents did. Their concerns are far from unfounded, as the unemployment rate for those under 25 has climbed to 16.4 percent, and employment for young adults is at its lowest level since record keeping began in 1948. Furthermore, over 50 percent of college graduates under 25 find themselves out of work. Even with a generation of young people more educated and talented than ever, our nation now finds itself in a state of malaise after four years of failed policies from President Barack Obama. We here at the Fordham Gazette feel that those elected to public office, regardless of their political party, are charged with the duty to leave America better than they found it. The president has failed to fulfill this obligation, particularly in regards to young people, and that is why we are unable in good conscience to endorse him for a second term as President of the United States.

Our nation can do far better than the state of malaise she currently finds herself in. We feel that Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to lead America back into the state of prosperity that will ensure her best days are ahead of her, and not behind her. Romney has committed himself to championing the cause of small business, which employ the vast majority of Americans, and are the source of most jobs for young people coming out of colleges and universities. By reducing a corporate tax burden that is the highest in the developed world, Romney’s five point plan will help small businesses to allocate more funds towards hiring talented young people and expanding their businesses. In addition, Romney has also pledged to cap federal spending at twenty percent of the economy, which will lower the immoral debt burden currently being placed on young people. During the Obama administration, the average federal debt burden placed upon a Fordham University student has increased by $9,925 per year to a staggering $52,000 per person. By lowering the debt burden placed on our young people through cuts to wasteful government programs and championing the cause of small business and the private sector, Mitt Romney will once again make businesses excited about hiring young people again.

Most importantly, Mitt Romney has led a life that all Americans can celebrate and coalesce around, as his record includes bringing back the Salt Lake City Olympics back from failure into a sterling celebration that brought a healing nation together in the days after 9/11. He has donated tens of millions of dollars to his church, serving as a missionary and bishop to his church even in the midst of a busy business and home life. Most importantly, Romney has displayed a fervent passion in public service, giving up a blossoming private sector career that had the potential to make him into a billionaire to instead serve as CEO of the Salt Lake Olympics and then as Governor of Massachusetts. When you bring this passion together with his record of accomplishments in the public and private sector, Mitt Romney will once again make America into a shining city on a hill. America deserves better than failed economic policies and campaign rhetoric that labels America by their income bracket and aims to divide us into percents. Instead, she deserves leadership that will bring us together as one people, prospering in a revitalized economy where all who seek to work hard and further themselves can succeed. We know Mitt Romney will provide that leadership.

Joseph Campagna,
on behalf of the Fordham Gazette editorial staff


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October 19, 2012 · 5:33 pm