Meet the Team

Joe Campagna is the editor-in-chief of the Fordham Gazette and Treasurer of the Fordham College Republicans. A native of New York City, Joe is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Joe has previously served as a contributor to the Fordham Gazette, and as editor-in-chief of The Patriot publication as a high school student. In addition to being involved with conservative causes on campus, Joe is also a member of the Future Child Advocates of Fordham University, which works with local Bronx organizations in ending the vicious cycle of child abuse in the Bronx, New York City, and across America.

Samuel Martin is the President Emeritus of the Fordham College Republicans. A Norfolk, MA native, Samuel has been a Republican all his life. He is a junior currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.


Matt Calabrese is a native Long Islander and a sophomore in Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business.  Although he is pursuing an accounting career, he enjoys learning about politics and current events.  He believes that the freedoms and traditional values of the United States make this country the best in the world.  As a result, he wholeheartedly loves the United States and he takes pride in his patriotism.


Vikram Bhatia hails from Katy, TX, just outside of Houston. He is studying economics and mathematics here at Fordham. He came to Fordham because the campus is four miles away from Yankee Stadium. He believes that the United States is great because of its people, not its government (especially Washington, D.C). Government should be limited, taxes should be low, and the business regulatory structure should be sensible and stable. He is a strong social conservative and believe in the traditional values that found our society.

William Marcley is from Newport, RI and is a Senior in the Gabelli School of Business. He is a longtime member of the National Rifle Association and is committed to defending the 2nd Amendment and educating others about its original intent. Additionally, he is passionate about protecting religious liberty and the rights of the unborn. During the 2012 Republican Primary, he worked as a campaign surrogate for Texas Governor Rick Perry.


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    JP where are you?

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