On the Protest Against John Brennan as the 2012 Commencement Speaker

The Fordham University College Republicans strongly support an intellectually rigorous, lively, and passionate debate among all members of the Fordham community on the intelligence gathering practices employed by the Bush administration in the post 9/11 era. With these methods now being brought to the forefront by those opposed to Fordham’s selection of John O. Brennan as its commencement speaker, we have found the ensuing discussion on their merits, or lack thereof, to be fruitful and thought-provoking.

That is why we are so disappointed and saddened by the direction that this discussion has taken. While we strongly encourage passionate debate on these practices, which include enhanced interrogation methods, we also feel compelled to question the indecent and hateful rhetoric that seeks to denigrate the United States and its citizens. We feel that the assertions being made by a number of those engaged in this debate, especially those seeking to justify the tragic September 11th attacks and the motives behind them, to have no place at an esteemed university such as Fordham. By simply visiting the “Action Against Brennan on Graduation,” one can find comments such as that 9/11 was “retaliation to a greater, initial wrong.” “rather it was an attempt to counter a greater injustice done by the folks over here at America,” “just because America was attacked on its own soil doesn’t make this event any more tragic than the 9/11s and atrocities that American and Israel commit against innocents,” as well as comments that seek to demagogue and vilify Fordham ROTC students.






We feel sufficiently compelled by these comments to ask for Michael Pappas and Sogand Ahmadi Afkari, the administrators of the Facebook event for the protest against John O. Brennan at commencement, to come out and formally condemn the indecent and hateful rhetoric on their page.  Furthermore, we also feel compelled, as politically engaged voices on Fordham’s campus, that the dialogue on torture and water boarding be a respectful one that refrains from hateful and indecent rhetoric. Most importantly, though, we ask the protestors to not stomp on what the most important goal of Saturday’s commencement ceremonies are: to show our appreciation and thanks for the many accomplishments of the Class of 2012.


Theodore Conrad- President

Emily Harman- Vice President

Joseph Campagna- Treasurer

John Mantia- Secretary



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2 responses to “On the Protest Against John Brennan as the 2012 Commencement Speaker

  1. Also, the fact that sticking up for ourselves, our military, and our country has been deemed ‘offensive’ by some of the admins and others is not only hypocritical, but offensive in of itself.

  2. Alicia Branson

    I think the authors of this article need to grow up and realize that dissent will always exist. I see nothing awful about any of these posts. They offer a different perspective from the mainstream view that we are so used too believing. I have no idea why the College Republicans even thought this was offensive. Isn’t college a place for exchanging ideas even if they do not agree with ours?

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